2d Shooter template demo

Here’s a 2d shooter template I was working on a while ago, if anyone wants to play around with it. If you’ve got any questions on how things work, let me know.


D-speed up


Some features:
-the ship is constrained to the screen with a script that finds the screen edges (only works for Z/X plane)
-There is only one keyboard sensor. All keys pressed or released are put into a 2 global lists which other objects can check against. (I can stand making a separate key sensor for each keypress)
-The ship has a slight impulse applied to it on key releases, to keep it from drifting.

Enemy spawning:
-Spawn points are in the format spawnFront.001, spawnFront.002, etc. and spawnBack.001, spawnBack.002
-all the spawn points are put into 2 lists, spawnFront and spawnBack.
-objects can be spawned behind or infront of player.
-objects can be spawned on screen by giving the spawn point prop: offset
-The spawnTrigger script turns on spawn points when they are close enough to the screen, or when the screen has passed the point for rear spawning.
-spawning is determined by scripts spawn_row, spawn_col, etc.

this looks cool :slight_smile:

thanks for sharing it with us :slight_smile:

that’s too good man :slight_smile:
by the way , blendenzo made a 2d template with the ability to have depth as well .
bye :slight_smile:

Wow! Very sweet, Chris! I appreciate you letting us look at it. You know, a simple 90 degree turn of the camera would make this into a great top-down space shooter template, too. Everyone knows that top-down space shooters are far superior to side-scrollers. :smiley:

Yes! Amiga’s Storm SWIV is the best game EVER…well after Speedball! :slight_smile:

skullbunny your template it’s just…beautiful ( and well made)
Thank you!!!

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