2D side scroller

how would one go about making a 2D side scroller such as loco-roco?

I love that game. Nice music!

I think, as a side scroller, just link the camera (child) to the object/actor (parent) proxy will affect 2 axis (eg. x and y).

Also, make the camera orthographic

I don’t understand the whole “proxy will affect 2 axis” what’s that mean?

cuz I want it to be able to hit stuff and not go of the other side if the level (if you didn’t get that from the first post)


I’ll use proxy (empty) because in loco roco have multiple actor that will rotate, move, bounce, etc. The camera will track the proxy (empty/grouped object) center… and size… the bigger the grouped objects far apart, the camera fill go away (zoom out) from the proxy.

I haven’t done any yet. Just a logic suggestion. :slight_smile:


TuxWorld just uses y=0 constraints on all dynamic objects (and occasionally 0 rotate on z axis constraints). Works for Me ™

Link the camera to the player with vertex parenting.

hey, the easiest way by far is to hit “N” and click the padlock icon to whatever axis you have as depth on whatever objects you want to stay 2d. easy. This way you can still move the camera around without messing up your game giving you easy kudos zoomey movey effects