2d sign with minimal animation


Very new to Blender, watching hours of tutorials and getting the hang of things. Looking to create a series of 10 second spots for a digital sign similar to what you might see in Walmart these days. Anyway, trying to come up with the best approach for resusability. Was thinking about having the left side (1/3) of the image have a background gradient with some text which might animate in or zoom in a bit (not a problem, can handle this part) and the right 2/3 have a image/video which pans and zooms a bit with some text which might slide in. My idea is to come up with a series of templates for use.

Specifically my problem seems to be tying it altogether. Also, having a problem with a solid colour text (lighting causing me to have non flat colour) and how to have a flat background, or the 1/3 left 2/3 right style background. Would it be better to create this in inkscape/gimp and import?

Mostly looking for a tutorial out there that might cover some of this. Have been looking at “Papa Smurf’s” on vimeo but I’m not over this part of the learning curve yet so I thought I’d throw a post on here.

Any pointers appreciated.


if you want flat color text you can assign it its own material and activate the “shadeless” option in the material panel. This’ll get rid of your lighting issues.

Good luck,