2d south park style animation


I was testing blender 2.49 capabilities to do 2d animation:

I used two scripts to keyframe image texture and object visibility using python drivers.

I want to port my 2d chain to blender 2.5 but python drivers isn’t working yet and I can’t figure out how to do it without drivers. There is some way to keyframe image textures in blender 2.5?

This is a video that shows the Cartman’s rig: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XN7lou-YAY0


That is excellent! Great job, just like the real show. Love the married couple too. Can you show us any screen grabs of rigs? What are you driving from?

i’m really interested in this kind of animation with blender…
it looks really good, man!

Looks great but the sound…
The music is way too loud compared to the speech.

I added a video showing the Cartman’s Rig

Thankyou for demonstrating that is awesome and looks easy to use too.

Lol, thats totally awesome dude. Great job on the lip sync too.

It’s almost like… southpark is made with blender…
no , kidding:P but really cool though
i think it would really add the coolness of blender if you’d do some 3d animation to it (like camera panning from top to bottom and / or tracking to a certain character)