2D sprite without lighting

I’m trying to use blender to create 2d sprites for a game. Normally, I would set a light at some angle, and keep that same angle for all the sprites. But this one is for a space type game, and in space, usually the sprites aren’t lighted up at all, or atleast it is completely uniform. I don’t want an obvious light source at all, but no matter what type of light I use, I can’t quite get the effect I want. I know I have to have a light or the render will be completely black, which of course is not what I want. I want the texture to be seen, but I don’t want any highlights or obvious lighting. Is this possible in Blender?? And how would I go about it??

Thank you in advance.

Try a sun light. That will at least add uniformity to the amount of light projected on the object; You can adjust the strength of the light in the materials context (labeled as Energy).

Try enabling ‘ambient occlusion’ in the world buttons. you can turn your actual lights way down, depending on the value you set for the AO ( ambient occlusion ), and you’ll get a nice even lighting to everything.

I had tried the sunlight and it was still too much light, but it was better than the spotlight for sure.

I will try the Ambient Occlusion thing and see how that works. And I will let you guys know.

why not just use the emit function found in the materials properties? You don’t need a light for that.

I tried the Ambient Occlusion thing, but it is in the bake tab, and I’m not trying to actually bake anything.

On the other hand, the emit material property looks so far like it is my best bet. I still have to map and paint the model, but using a simple marble texture showed no lighting effects, so I’m guessing it will do the same thing when I get my UV mapped texture.

Thanks guys. I will post as I advance.

AO does not need to be baked. You are looking in the render baking buttons, and AO is activated from the world buttons. It can be baked, but it is not necessary to do so. Baking it is just to speed up render times.

“But this one is for a space type game”
He could use SSAO but its not really needed for this feature.

I found the right Ambient Occlusion button, and the effect looks like it will be much better than using the emit material property. I’m working on the UV map now, and still need to paint it. But just a uniform gray shows pretty much perfectly uniform, with is exactly what I was looking for. I turned the light to 0 energy, and it does exactly as wanted.