2d stabalization - single point track

I have been able to do the 2d stabilization of a single point without any trouble but I want to track the point so that it stays in the centre of the screen and the video moves around the point. eg. I am tracking the head of a person walking into frame from right to left. I want the video to shift so that the character always stays in the centre of the screen. I suspect it is a node that I need but I do not know which or how.


Yes in compositor you add a stabilise node or in the vse you turn on 2d stabilise in the movie strips properties. Turn off auto scale in movie clip editor if you don’t want the image zoomed up.

Thanks for the reply. I have been able to track and lock on the tracking point so that the video is stabilized. I have also used the stabilize 2d node to render the stabilized video but what I want to do is lock the tracking point in the centre of the screen so that I can keep a person that is walking through the scene, right in the centre of the frame. The way it works now, is that when I first lock on, the tracking point is on the left hand side of the screen. As the person walks through the scene, the tracking point remains on the left of the screen so as the character walks left to right in the video, less and less of the area surrounding the character is visible. I would also like to take the 480 video, render at 720 and have the entire video visible but shifting around in the 720 video while maintaining the original resolution of the video. I don’t care about the black box around it, I want as much of the video in the frame while focused on the character. I hope this makes sense…

Sounds like the tracking point is going to have to be on the person himself.

Steve S

In VSE you need to turn on the strips crop values. It should resize to original then you just centre it up with the offset/translate values.

steve is right, put the tracking marker on the person… the other thing is you can do simple stabilization in the node editor, just add in a track position node, with relative start as the type… then plug this into a transform node… if you want to offset the frame just add in a math add inbetween the track position node and the transform node, one for the x channel one for the y channel