2D stabilization works in movie clip editor but not in compositor (2.82a)

I’ve set up the 2D stabilizer and it works ok on the entire video (just hand-held shakiness).
I have the ‘compositor’ checked in the post-processor.
However, using the stabilizer node in the compositor doesn’t seem to stabilized anything.
In fact, the backdrop view is always an X which tells me the something but not sure what since I do have the Viewer node selected AND the backdrop updates whenever I move the timeline slider.
Running out of ideas :slight_smile: In all the tutorials this parts always just works.
(just tried in 2.81a, same problem)
(ok, it won’t even work in 2.78c!, built from scratch) Definitely overlooking something…

It’s not obvious but you have to create a track first. Without a track the stabilization works but there won’t be a ‘track’ for the compositor node to retrieve!