2D stabilization

How do I stabilize video on blender I have seen all the tutorials but they are outdated.

track 1 or 2 points in movie clip editor, then set them as stabilise markers. Open movie clip in compositor and use stabilise track data (available as a node output of movie clip) to rotate and move.

Ohh thank you I didnt know you had to set them as stabilise markers

Ok I stabilized the video Now how do I get rid of the black Bars?

Exactly as it’s done all around the world in any software - scale it up :slight_smile:

Except in Vdub’s Deshaker, it can sample surrounding frames and build a border to fill in the black edges. Truly amazing technology but takes a loooooooong time to process!

Where do I find the option to set tracks as stabilization tracks?

Nevermind. I found it. It is only wants you change the tracking mode to reconstruction.

thank you master Yoda, that would have taken me forever to find!

what’s the best way to stabilize a video where you need track multiple objects? by that a mean footage where the camera moves forward, so you can’t just track the same few points for the entire duration. is it best to use - say 3 - markers at a time and switch to 3 new markers once the old ones are out of screen? if so, should they all be tracked together for a few frames or rather have the 3 new ones start exactly as the old ones stop being tracked?
and lastly, how do i rotation-stabilize with multiple markers? seems i can only get one marker to be used as rotation anchor/reference.

stabilizing 20 segments on each own and stitching them together again is a no-go, as extremely tedious.

You probably want some overlap between the ones that disappear and the ones that appear.

Steve S