2D Style motion blur?

Are we finally getting there?

Smear frames as we animators call them are something I always wanted to have:

@Aligorith: I know you’re super busy, but this is the kind of challenge you like to take :smiley:

Without a material that blends an alpha accordingly to the stretch of the mesh, I dont see it useful …

Check this out:


Those are both pretty cool for cartoony style animation.

delic? I can see this being quite useful since it is a geometry based motion blur or better motion stretch!

well, blender can use stretch to drive a ramp shader, so you could already do that with ease?

I’m highly intersted in both these techniques.
The stuff by the disney guys are being used on the Rapunzel movie.

Also curious as to how this would mix with the Freestyle renderer, thats being fine tuned into Blender:yes:

The writer in this article made a good point.

“As sophisticated as computer technology is nowadays, it amazes me that we have trouble figuring out how to recreate effects that animators achieved effortlessly seventy years ago. In terms of graphic sophistication and artistry, computer animation has always struck me as being one step forward, two steps back…”