2D stylised art using 3d-sculpting

Hey there!
I have been wanting to use Blender for art that has the same feel to it as if it came from Illustrator, ie 2d shapes with distinct colors.

As my first subject I made this squirrel with flat vertexpaint. I think it works pretty well. I will make som emore and see what kind of a scene I can put together.


I made this pigeon in the same way but painted a few more colors.


I think both of them are super appealing. :slight_smile:

Im a little jealous in fact. It looks so “simple” as far a style goes. Just a few colors here and there, simple shapes. but I know there is nothing simple about it.

Are you planning to make them move? I’ve recently started with blender again but I’ve been a bit aimless. Would you think its fun if I tried to rig one of them as a personal project/some sort of informal collab? :slight_smile:

Hey! Yeah, the point is to make shapes that look like vectors and primitives. The flat rendering helps to allso hide whetever flaws the models have.

I am pondering what it would take to make them move. These are pure sculpts that are not made with any thought to topology or anything else.

So I would remake them with a better polycount first, something I was allready going to do anyway.

Or I can do this. The next one I make I will do intentionally for animation. Maby a cat.

Yeah at the very least they’d have to be retopo’d. I guess that would be pretty quick with shapes as relatively simple as these.

Happy to hear you have plans to make them move. Either these one’s or future designs. Ill watch with interest. :slight_smile: