2d text on a 3d position

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if it’s possible to add 2d text onto a 3d position.
It’s the same as in a video game where the names ( in 2d offcourse ) are displayed above enemies.

Is something like this possible in Blender in the compositor ( or maybe in another way )?

Yes I guess you mean on top of existing footage? Then you would need to use the Motion Tracker. The hard part is reconstructing the 3D space, as you need good depth queues for Blender to estimate camera movement. Otherwise simply track the object you want to focus on and attach a label to it, this will only be in 2D but look just like a HUD in a game view.

And if you want your text labels to face the camera in the 3d scene (to see them pure 2D) you have to use for those text objects some constraint like “track to” setting the camera as a constraint target. This way they will automatically track camera movements, and rotate to it.