2D texture on 3D face - like Rorschach from Watchmen

Hey guys, looking for some insight on this. I’m looking to have a texture move about a 3D surface fluidly, similar to how Rorschach’s mask moves in the Watchmen. (link below is to what I’m talking about)

Unsure about the best way to go about it.

I was considering using a plane to afix and animate about the geometry, but not sure if this is the most efficient and unsure how I would attach the plane to a 3D object so that it still moved along the fixed geometry, if that makes sense

Thanks guys!

For that you should use an animated texture. There’s no need for another object. Are you working on cycles or internal?

I’m not sure yet. I’ve always used the internal blender render and would like to try out cycles, but this particular project isn’t striving for realism. Thanks for the reply btw

I’ve been away for a bit, but I hope I haven’t formulated the wrong (long) way of doing this. I’m coming up with frame sequences in Gimp…however Blender doesn’t seem to want to import any of the Gimp supported animation file extensions, nor will Gimp export to MPEG. So I’m looking to export frame by frame jpegs from Gimp, compile them into Blender’s video editor, turn that into an mpeg and then use it an an animated texture…


Blender can directly use image sequences as textures:

BTW, I for myself try to avoid using JPGs for any kind of texture if I can. Using a format with losless compression (e. g. PNG) is always preferable.

Thanks! I usually stick with png myself, but wasn’t sure if I’d have to make a mpeg. I had tried this earlier today for a moment but I hadn’t checked Auto Refresh, works now, Thanks again