2D to 3D...my head is spinning! Please help...

I’ve just put Blender onto my Mac. I’m a caricaturist and have always worked in 2D. I want to put a 2D image into the work area and create a 3D image from working on top of it.

I’ve read the book “The Essential Blender” and the chapter that interests me the most is “Multiresolution Sculpting”.

Leaving out hair at this early stage, please can you give me some advice on how I can get a pencil rough caricature into the work area to use as reference and build up a sculpture in a different layer on top of it (if it’s possible).

WARNING: I’m really stupid, so easy answers please.

Thanks guys.:spin:


These image are very useful for understand.

You can also try to sculpt with Sculptris and combine this with Blender.