2d to 3d?

I was wondering. I’ve seen you all put an image on blender then some how make it exactly like the image only in 3d form. How do you guys do that? im missing something i guess.

here is a link to exactly what you looking for:


yeah, that’ll definitley help.

ok cool just the the wip thread on the ducati motercycle how he did that… its what im lookign for but its not written very understandable…

it sounds like you are asking how to use a background image. just go to the header at the bottom of the 3D window, view>>background image>>load. then the pic will show up in your 3D window so you can trace it.

i do that but i i see you guys useing a backround picutre in another view other then front view im not understanding how to make all these complex thigns you guys make. i can’t find any blender tuts only 3ds max…

Not very good but it’ll give you an idea of the technique:




All I ever see are tutorials that describe how to create photorealistic people. How about some tutorials that show how to use photos of real people to design cartoonish characters. I want to create some models that are more cartoonish but my drawing skills are not the greatest. Thus, I would like to use photos of real people but make models that are simple cartoon caricatures. Can anyone help? Thanks.

you almost answered you own question,

car·i·ca·tured, car·i·ca·tur·ing, car·i·ca·tures

To represent or imitate in an exaggerated, distorted manner.

keep the mesh simple and exaggerate any distingusing features,
non-photo real textures :slight_smile:

if you model the face exactly to the ref image you can use the “o” proportional edit key to move or enlarge features eg long nose big/small ears etc.