2D Tracking in blender!! is it even possible??

Hey everyone.

Im using the camera solver but i only have a 2d Scene.

Basically i need to track a single point, and then create an empty that moves in relation to a static camera inside blender. so rather then static points and a camera that moves, i need a static camera with empties that move as the object does. so i can parent my 3d object to it and create an animation.

I just need to counteract some simple camera movement and pin my 3d Elements to the empties.

I thought this was possible inside Blender.

please help if you have a possible solution, im probably missing something.

Yes, you can do that. Go to Movie Clip Editor, track the point you want then switch tabs to Solve, click Geometry/Link Empty to Track.

You don’t need to solve the scene. Just do as smm. suggested:

Great thanks guys! I got it working! perfect!

I did a whole 2d tracking course for BlenderCookie. It may help if you have more questions about how to do this stuff. :slight_smile:

ACtually i used that course to find the answer!! so thanks alot! I forgot about the whole reconstruction tab, been a while lol.