2d tracking markers

Hi guys,

im pretty new in blender, and im playing around with the motion tracking system, which is quite nice and seem straight forward to use!(watching some tutorials now)

My only question is, is there a way to list all those 2d tracking markers?(say like in nuke, you can see the whole list and also the animation of it) since i can’t find them anywhere ,other then being scattered around the view…(altho i would like to be more organised ,possibly rename a few?)…

Can someone suggest a simple tutorial on how to create a 3d movingVertex, geometry out of such markers?
Do you know if it is possible? so far i am selecting some markers in view and just creating locators linked to it.

In the Motion Tracking window layout you get a list in the Movie Clip window at the top of frame in Dope Sheet view, below that is the Graph view showing the animation of each.