2D traditional animation with GIMP and Blender

Hi, I just registered.
I recently completed this 2D animation:

“Gone with the spurt”.
It was animated the traditional way, using pencil and paper. I used GIMP for cleanup, coloring and shading.
With Blender I did the editing, added pan and zoom effects, animated the letters in the title screen, and added a TV glow effect over the characters.

More info here:

Nicely done, good job.

Mmmm… Your character was playing Battle city? :yes:, pretty funny animation, i liked it

well done , looks like pro job

ha ha nice video there :slight_smile:

Nice one :slight_smile:
And ow welcome to blenderartists :slight_smile:

Nice colourful animation. Good to see the traditional approach still being used. Have you tried the pencil software which I saw mentioned in one of the other threads. Link here:


bathroom humor, but great technique…