2d vector animator?

I need to make a simple 2d videos, with a lot of text. Some simple image cliparts, vectors, sounds and animation. It needs have:

  • Linux support
  • 2d vector animation
  • lots of text/font support
  • sound

Similar to what Adobe Illustrator or Flash does. But I need to run on my linux system. If Inkscape had animation support it would be perfect, but it doesn’t.

My first instinct was to try doing this on Blender, since I’m already familiar with it. But I quickly found that while it is possible to do what I need on Blender. It was taking way too much time to do simple things on Blender because it was not specifically designed to what I need. So I figure I should look for some 2d animation specific software.

What do you recommend?


I already tried Synfig and Pencil. I made this thread to look for recommendation from actual users, with a description of why each one is good or bad. Not just a list of softwares, there’s already a great list on wikipedia.

Why don’t you try them and see which you prefer. That’s the best way to make a decision of what is best for you not other people.

I am already doing that and have been on the last 2 days. But a beginner like me cannot have a clear vision of the application potential as an experienced user. So I figure I would come here and ask the people using them to help me out.

For one thing, the youtube video tutorials I found on Synfig are very bad and scarce compared to the plethora of Blender videos and specially the Blender wiki. Which is making my learning really slow since the interface is completely unintuitive.

Maybe I should just stick with Blender? Or is there anything out there that can offer a faster 2d animation workflow?