2d Wrestler

Well, this time i’ve done a subtle animation with a character of my friend Luis Paredes, using the same techniques that were applied inthis trailer we’ve made.
Also, i’ve managed a node setup for rendering a styilized type, some sort of NPR based on the Basic Ink shader, displaced by some noise images to get a “painterly” effect, plus adding freestyle lines to some part of the letters.

Hope you like it!

Here’s some making of, using the same technique.

nice :slight_smile:


I love this style:)

Great result! Really nice feel.

I’ve played in the compositor with some displacement nodes, to get a “painterly” feel mostly in the type part. It’s really powerful. :wink:

pretty nut! Love the treatment. It works pretty well! Any longer animation planed?

Yes, there are planned some more animation with this wrestlers. :wink:
By now i’m finishing the first episode of School for Monsters, using the same technique (without the compositing treatment)
You can view some more here