2nd: Anger (improved)

After som tips given by BlackBoe, I finally was able to make a better texture for my pretty face!

This is before:

And this is now:

I still need some tips on how to make a better glow effect on his eyes!

You could do two particles with a halo or you could do post-production glow. The texture does look better, but I still think it needs to be higher resolution.

“You could do two particles with a halo”

I didn’t quite understand the part about the 2 particles, please explain.
thanks anyway!

…When I said particles, that’s because I’m an idiot. I meant two vertices. Make a mesh in front of his eyes, just a plane, and delete all the vertices, then ctrl+leftmouseclick to make two vertices in his eyes, then set the texture for that mesh to a large, additive halo texture.

Well, this is my newest update, I didn’t get the hang of the particles though

Hmmm. Seeing improvements. /:] Hey, though, the teeth should be separate.

It’s looking up. Keep going.

I’ll look into it!


for the glow try to add spots in the eyes with halo
and the teeth look a bit flat

I still don’t get that glow effect thing, I’m sorry. Do I have to add a spot lamp? is that what you mean? I tried, but well, I didn’t know what to do. I fixed the teeth and added the inner of the mouth and a tongue.


Here you go, I whipped this up for ya. Hope it helps.

Halo Demo

Thanks for the help!
Here’s the result: