2nd attempt at modeling

This is my second attempt at modeling. I wanted to learn fire, but it is still too short.
I also wanted to back-light the fabric; which I was able to do.
I was thrilled with the different components, but I still need to work on Composition.

What is it you are asking?

Hi SheGeek,

I’m not an expert in creating fire within Blender, let alone, an expert at 3D. However, I may have an idea what it is your missing to make your fire longer in height.

I think from looking at your image, and what you’ve stated in your post. If you’re using particles to create the fire, you need to adjust the settings that relates to the life and/or height of the fire particles. Just do a search on YouTube or your preferred search engine to find a tutorial that will help you with the result your wanting to achieve.

I see your trying to create a fireplace scene, but it’s lacking basic composition and depth of field. And you did slightly accomplished luminance through the image texture. But maybe the material you used, is not the correct one for this effect. You may have to pick a translucent material, layered with your image texture.

Again, I would encourage you to run specific searches on what your trying to accomplish.

But for your second attempt at modeling, I think your on the right track. You just need to do more research into what you want to do. Don’t give up, and keep practicing.

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