2nd Coming of Stump Face ( total remake )

I decided to remake my stumpface model/scene, so here is the stumpface mesh itself. I can put up a wire if anyone is interested in looking at it, but it’s nothing spectacular.

Very nice so far Modron. I voted for you in the WC btw. I’m not sure how much time you’d like to spend on this project, but it would be cool if you modelled the entire forest environment. Maybe lsystem or using the new particle duplicators? Anyway, it will be interesting to see how this develops since the first one came out so well.


Now that looks 100% better. I know the WC kinda eats your time up to get somehting done fairly quick, cause I have been there.

Excellent work on this one so far though. Looks great.

As I said in your WIP on the original, you shouldmake the leaves a lot smaller to maybe show more of a sense of scale, (i.e. a really old, big tree).


hey man great work, this guy has so much character
the branches are coming off the side are a great touch