2nd generation iPod [update - now with 360VR view]


Wanted to make a weekend project that I would manage to finish AND make my GF feel like I’m there for her and not my computer :wink: Of course I didn’t meet the deadline.


It turned out the materials remain a big questionmark for me. Any hints on how you light up your scene for object test renders are welcome. I ended up changing the light setup a lot which in return made me change material and over and over again.

Anyway, I consider this “good enough” to post here. I’m slacking off from doing the jack plug ;).


Hmmm, I thought those were the old ipods. You sure they are the new ones? Or when you say 2nd generation, um, im not understanding…hehe. Very nice modeling. I do think you forgot something, the jack. :stuck_out_tongue: WHen it’s laying down flat it appears to have a strange shadow on the LCD display sreen. Reminds me of the mini ipof someone did a while ago.

BTW, make some time for your girlfriend! :wink: bad things will come if you dont. [!]

Apple is now at, I believe, 5th generation. The first had a mechanical wheel, the secon (above) still had the firewire connector, then came the new connector and the 4 buttons. Then came the current click ipod-mini like pushable scrollwheel and the ipod photo. Or somesuch :wink:

Since I discovered this funky little 3D viewer here, I put up a small VR thingy of the model.

Try this version for low bandwith.

Not sure if this works in IE, since I don’t have access to that weirdness anymore.

I still have access to IE (although I normally use Firefox) and it works fine.

About your iPod:
I don’t have any clue about iPod’s, so I can’t comment on how they compare to the real object. As a model I can say though that it is looking good.
However from one angle there seems to be a strange line just beneath the apple.

Crouch, you are right, it’s caused by the wrong mapping of the reflection. Hopefully fixed now.

Hey, it’s the Gimp guy! :slight_smile:

Good job on the iPod, I’m sure you’ll figure out the optimal material/lighting settings in due time.

Yes, it’s fixed now.

Good work, jimmac - nice and clean - and I like the bandwidth killer ;).

I agree, lighting can sometimes be very difficult, especially on shiny surfaces like these.

Good work, could use some shadows, but good work!

The VR is…awesome. If you plan to model any of the newer ones, or an ipod mini, use this excellent Charcoal (charcoal being the font that is used on os 8-9 for the default interface font and on the ipod mini) look alike: