2nd Most Original Idea ever! (I couldn't help myself)

(TurboG) #1

I decided to do the same thing he did :frowning: I wanted to do it for a while, and his picture reminded me!

Click the "~(–TurboGraphics–)~ " link at the bottom and then click the Temple of Time button at the bottom.

I didn’t inted for it to be anything like the temple of time, but at the very end I needed somthing for the podium, so I added the TriForce thing :slight_smile: hehe… I’m a very original person, no? I want to change the lighting a little for the Halo Lamp, but I’m not sure how to make it more layered look. Oh well. What do you think?


(adyus) #2

Isn’t that the Dunlop symbol on that temple?

(basse) #3

well… this could be something… you just have to take a way the sword, and replace that with a man speaking into 50 small microphones attached to that table… huge poster of this guy should be in the background too.

but, if are not ready forsuch a big changes :slight_smile: then here are some crits about the current picture:

too many pilars. take every other ones of them away.
pilars look like they are black plastic.
there is no roof?
floor texturing is weird
no texture in the back wall
perhaps some color to the halospot from above
what is that thing high on the backwall? mirror?

if I sound harsh, it’s just because I haven’t had my morning coffee yet :slight_smile: sorry.


(bmax) #4

not bad, like the colors… well, the black looks nice on the black background :stuck_out_tongue: . aside the teasing, i actually do like the pic, i just dig scense that have this specific air to them, gj! :smiley:

ps: i have the sole right to inform other people of barriers that ive passed…but since youre a new member its all right…[ask some other old elysiun members and they should know of the same habit i had as youre developing right now…] :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT : well not quite a newbie, but almost… :stuck_out_tongue:

(bverlaan) #5

nice mood.

try to make some better materials for the pilars. and try to make the light more blurred, so it looks little bit more realistic…

nice pic!

(stephen2002) #6

please post a link directly to a page with the image that you would like us to look at. I did not think it worth it to scroll through your entire site to find the image.