2'nd question of the evening :) Alpha keys and camera keys

Hi again… yet another question that has been troubling me the past week.
When setting the Alpha key in Material to make the effect of something glowing, how do i remove that key again if i want to change the duration of the glow.
Same goes for the Lens key in the camera Is there a screen for that like when modifying keyframes?

Thanx for your patience :wink:

Press Shift+f6 while in the 3D window. You’ll then see your keyframes for the selected object. To see alpha keyframes you need to click the button with the ball on it on the lower header (tool tip says- Display Material Ipos). When doing animations it’s a good idea to split (move mouse to 3D window lower header when pointer becomes double arrow, right click, click on split and move divider to where you want it and left click to place it) the 3D window into 2 windows and make one an IPO window, so you can see what you’re doing when you make changes in either window.

To delete the whole IPO curve select it with a right click and press xkey. To delete certain keyframes, press k-key to display them, select and xkey to delete. Press k-key to return to IPO curves.

Hope I didn’t lose you there! :slight_smile:

Brian J

weee thx! that’s been buggin me for awhile :slight_smile: