2nd texture on top of seamless texture (cycles)

Hi. I have a large plane (a road) with seamless, repeating texture. Now i need a stain on one spot of that road. How can i add the second texture, so it won’t be repeated like the seamless one?

Image Texture node -> Extension = Clip

(default value is Repeat)

Yes, but shouldn’t i need 2nd UVMap? The unwrapped road on the current UVMap is scaled beyond the seamless texture’s dimensions (so it could be repeated). When i add 2nd texture (with the stain) on this UVMap, then it’s repeated too.

Edit: ok, i’ll check it, thanks for fast answer.

It doesn’t work. The stain repeats itself despite the clip option.

It works in the final render and in rendered viewport shading mode. If for some reason it doesn’t, upload a blend file.

If UV are setup so it repeats anyway, either try a different UV layout for the stain or use an empty with object coordinate lookup. If the stain is procedural rather than image based, you’d also have to setup nodes for masking.

It works. Thank you.
But, just out of curiosity, how can i change the location of the stain WITHOUT changing the alignment of every other texture of the road? What if i need another, unique stain some 100 meters farther on the same road?

  1. Use a Mapping node to alter the transform of the uv map.
  2. Use a different uv map and transform the uv map in the UV Editor.
  3. If you have many of these, it would be more convenient and a lot more cheaper to use decals (floating geometry on top of the original one with a transparent material)
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