2nd time lucky. . .

okay, this time?

sorry about the previous thread, im not too hot with this sorta thing, but i’ll give it a go.

fingers crossed

:expressionless: tell me what you think. . .

hey, its a start! you definately need some detail, but the painting is coming along nicely. just dont make everything into an indicypherable blob. thats what happens to me all the time…


oh, btw, tell me if its not a painting, ill have to get myself a pair of glasses :smiley:

Not bad
Your light source seems a little inconsistent. Light looks like it’s coming from the upper right (~60 deg) from the highlights and the cast shadow on the neck. But the rest of the shadows, especially the dark forehead, gives the impression of a lower angle, like directly from the back of his head (~30 deg).
The mouth area looks very rounded and the shin a bit pulled back, but it looks like you’re going to work more on those so I probably didn’t need to say that :wink:
The angle between nose and face (the one defined by the shadow in front of the eye and cheekbone) looks a bit sharp.
Maybe you should consider adding a layer and add some definition with darker colours and a smaller sharper brush.
A few little problems, but nothing that’s hard to fix I’d say. Good luck with this one.

  1. pofo

. . . done entirely with the photoshop airbrush, sorry.

hey thanks for you crits pofo, they all seem pretty valid to me. im pretty much done with this guy, it takes me ages to come up with something to draw in photoshop. the idea was to have a person all biologically engineered <read—> no mouth, massive jaw bone, no ears, film of skin over eyes. . .> and im working on a layer with all sorts of implants going into his temple and the cords in his neck, feeding him all sorts of drugs and stuff. im doing sketches for what the rest of his body should look like, but i havent made any signeficatn advancements. special thanks to skontar for the idea, too. thanks for the crits guys, keep em coming. . .