2nd try (nudity!) ...

I’ve been offered kindly to repost my introductory image after applying same bad taste fixes … and of course such I did.

Also tried to work in some non-taste-related hints & ideas I received since version 1.

Enjoy … and feel free to delete again. :cool:


Reminds me of a Boris Vallejo painting. I’d also like to see the uncensored version.

Thanks for the compliment!
In fact, I thought of Frazetta more than Vallejo, but anyway, I’m glad if it has that bit of a “painted” look, and the classic fantasy ambiente I wanted it to have.

Well, my original intention was to leave the image as it is in the first instance and to continue with other works instead, but anyway … here’s another version which a slightly reworked pose (her right foot/thigh should now give a more elegant impression … and important fix), and a bit of chainmail draped over her … eye catcher … even if this somewhat contradicts the original idea.

as soon as I’ve managed to update my portfolio website, the uncensored version may be found there …

Wow. The rocks on the sides don’t look quite right, but the grass, the flowers, the girl, the wolf and the sky are all really impressive.

Thank you!

Cool, reminds me of the Frank Frazetta Style! http://goo.gl/7OIuj

(Just noticed you mentioned Frazetta in an earlier post!) - I guess you hit your goal.

This is very well laid out and executed. Good job!

The censored is awesome, ahahahaahaha, very good modeling and render too, congratulations!