2nd UV Map

I may have painted myself into a corner (no pun intended) and not sure what to do next. I have a character I have modeled and UV Mapped. However, I left the eyes as a separate object and did not join them in the UV map for the character. I thought I would deal with the texture and mapping for the eyes separately. So I UV mapped the rest of the character and took the map into Photoshop, did extra in Texture paint and all is well.

However, I am now wanting to work on the eyes as a separate object but I just realized if I UVMap the eyes, or even join them to the rest of the character, I completely mess up my original UV map for the character. How do you have 2 UV Maps in a scene from two different objects? You have to be able to do this since there would be other objects in a scene with UV Maps. I know I am probably missing something here. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

As dumb as it may sound it was basically creating a new UV map to add to the scene. Sort of a no brainer but found the answer…all good.

As hollallen said, I’d create another UV map just for eyes (for clearer view, I’d name it “eyes”, or so) and then, to join two different UV maps in one material, you have to use input>UV map, chose the “eyes” UV map and connect with “vector” output in Image Texture node, where you have texture for the eyes.