2X Graphic Cards vs 1 Big bad Graphics Card

Question: As my Jedi skills increase at animation, my little GTX 1060 is getting it’s butt kicked. With simple renders taking 30+ minutes. So… Do I buy a 2nd one and have it help, or go balls out and get a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. I can’t justify the Nvidia Titan RTX at $2,500. Will the 2x1060 make a big a difference (at $350) vs the 2080 at $1,200 and waste the original card? Thanks.

multi gpu rendering scales pretty linearly, so doubling your cards will roughly double your speed. I’d look for some cycles benchmarks and see how well the 2080 compares to the 1060

I would bet that 2x cards would get you more bang for your buck though.

Thank you for you input. I’m not going to be doing full length feature films so… The 1060 has 4.5 TFlops vs 16 TFlops on the 2080, but wasting $350.

vRAM is important for Cycles and Eevee.
For Cycles the vRAM is not the sum of vRAM of the two cards, so you will have only 6GB available on GTX 1060. And Eevee only uses one graphics card, therefore you will also have only 6GB available.
My choice would be RTX 2080 Ti with 11GB of vRAM.

If the cost of RTX 2080 Ti is really a lot, maybe you could consider some other combination of nvidia cards with at least 8GB of vRAM

There is one point that needs to be considered. RTX on 20xx series give near 2x improvement using the new Optix render path.

So a GTX 1060 vs RTX 2080, let alone RTX 2080TI comparision is a no match.

as also stated teh 11GB on the TI is a very good improvement over the 6GB on the GTX 1060.

Site Techgage has some nice benchmarks.

  1. regular rendering comparision - GTX 1060TI which is faster what you haven is always behind RTX 2060.
  1. RTX comparision shows RTX 2060 getting a significant reduction in render time.

An RTX 2070 with an optimized version of Cycles would be much more affordable than a 2080Ti, would render faster and would allow you to also render faster with your 1060.

I get that one card vs the other the 20XX is better, but the question is, will a second 1060 at only $350 be 4x slower then the a 20XX at $1,200, wasting $350 on the first 1060.

Ok, so the 1060 and 2070 will play nice together, and Cycle will be able to utilize both?

yes, you can mix and match what them.

Note, however that if you mix GTX and RTX you can only use CUDA code (not Optix) unles you render in seperate blender instances.

at this point… 2080ti at 1200 vs 1060.

IN regular CUDA, using Classrom (using Techgage results)
1060TI is at 189s
2080TI is at 97/96s 2x faster
2080Super is at 103s 1.8x faster
2080TI (optix) 66s 2.9x faster
2080Super is at 72s is 2.6x faster (at far less then 1200usd per unit)

So not trully 4x faster. but with RTX 2080TI you get 11GB of memory, which is definitley good.

That is not even looking at other software optimized version as Bliblublli stated. which provides further rendering speedups.

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Seems the RTX 2070Super is on par with 2080Super, as such that would be even better choice if you do not want to invest in RTX 2080TI

As @Grzesiek said, with CUDA both will work together.

If you don’t need the features OptiX doesn’t has (bevel and AO node, BPT, baking and volumes), OptiX will be better and then you can resell your 1060. But even then, a 2070 super plus an optimized version of Cycles for RTX will be much faster than a 2080Ti with Cycles OptiX, while being much cheaper.