3.0 - 3D connexion Space Navigator

My 3D Connexion Space Navigator still works in 3.0, but the two programable buttons can no longer be programmed as they once were.

I have tried adjusting both the Navigator settings, and the Blender settings, but nothing works any longer as it once did. I contacted 3D Connexion - they say it is up to Blender.

I used to be able to get to the speed adjustments using one of the buttons, but now I have to go into Blender prefs. I had the other button set to “fit” (del key on numpad), but that no longer works either.

I’m sure the problem is software since I own two of these devices and they both have the same problems now. Both are using the latest software.

I’m hoping someone out there uses the Navigator and it is working in Blender 3.0 and that perhaps they could share their settings.

Thanks for any clues.

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I use a PC and version 3.0 does not work at all for me.

I completely failed at getting it to work sensibly on the PC since 3+, now I’m on Linux and I don’t think this will make it any better :sweat_smile: Any news, so far?
I followed tutorials, drove me crazy. Maybe there’s ONE good resource?