3.0 Beta - Geometry Nodes. Need help finding a field context!

I am trying to create a Geo Nodes tree that will generate a field of hexagons.
I’m trying to do this in a specific way, but having an issue.
I have a node group that will takes a “Radius” integer input and will output a hexagonal ring of the appropriate size.
I then instance this hexagonal ring to points I’ve created from a mesh line primitive.
Problem is this - The context of the instance is lost from the outer Instance_On_Points to the other side of the node group, so I can’t use the instance index to feed the “Radius” input.

I’m attaching my blend file (3.0 Beta from 2021 - Oct - 27 version) to see if any geniuses here can figure it out.

3_0a_HexPattern.blend (896.9 KB)

Good luck!

I played around with the setup a bit, at least achieving your desired end result ( I think), but maybe not in the you want:

Basically, I put the resample node all the way at the end and set it to length. Somehow, I think geonodes does not allow instances themselves to be controlled by the index value before plugging them in into the instance on points node…

(saved in Blender 3.1 alpha)

3_1a_HexPattern.blend (912.2 KB)

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