3.0 knife project. How to use it easilly?

So old method when you can select 1 or more objects which will be cutters in viewport and when select you geo which will be cutted are - obsolete.

Now you need to go to edit mode first for object which will be cutted and when select you cutters.

Simple question: how to select multiple objects in vewport?

knife project

I was even try to switch blender to default “Blender” keymap.
Every attempt to use Ctrl+LMB in outliner resulting in: switch back to object mode.

here i m using the 2.7x keyboard layout. With some customized keys.
i did not encounter any outliner bugs.

Looks like some setting from old version are interfere. I try to reinstall 3.0.1 and it Ctrl+LMB works as supposed. Not sure which setting are related to it.

But anyway: is that possible to select multiple objects for cut in viewport, not in the outliner?

one is possible in edit mode with control but i dont know how to …more. sorry

New method are clearly just a wasting of time. Really hope people realize what and vote for revert it