3.1.2 crashing, then 3.2 crashing with animation render

I am not sure I can continue to use Blender for my scholastic program. I have tried rendering an animation by saving the still images.

I have used a laptop with an RTX 3070, 32 GB of RAM, 10th generation i-7 processor and could not get more than 50 to 70 images before Blender crashed. No error log can be found and it just silently crashed.

I moved to my desktop with an NVIDIA 1050Ti graphics card, 32 GB RAM, and a Ryzen 7 5800X and I can get up to 100 images rendered before it crashes, again silently.

This has happened in both versions of Blender mentioned above and it occurs during the Cycles render.

One render was 1024 samples at 1080p and 600 frames at 30 fps.

The second render is 256 samples, 720p, 600 frames at 24 fps.

These were school projects and I was hoping for 20 seconds of video, but I could only get 200 frames done, so not quite 7 seconds for the first render, by the time the assignment was due.

I feel like I cannot leave the computer alone because Blender will crash and I will lose a night’s worth of rendering.

Any ideas as to how to make the software not crash?

Pull up your task manager or other hardware monitor while rendering and see if you can find anything in there- are you running out of RAM? CPU overheating? It’s impossible to say why this is happening without access to both your machine and your file. Does it happen with other files? What happens if you render 200 frames of just the default cube?

Can you render the file in batches? Frame 1>50 Batch 1 then when that is done render from Frame 51>100 Batch2, etc.
Then you should be able to assemble it in the clip editor or Sequencer…

( It might also be a good idea to close Blender between say, every 2 batches, just to flush the memory and start fresh for the next batch run! :wink: )

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@joseph Thank you for your response. It does happen with other files; I just figured those other files were much more complex and so failures were more likely to happen.

I usually have HWiNFO64 running when I render and neither my graphics card nor my CPU gets too hot.

I do not run out of RAM; in fact, it usually hovers around 50-55% when rendering.

I have not thought to try just a cube. I will definitely try it.

Thank you for the suggestions.

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@RSEhlers Essentially, I am rendering in batches. I pick up where Blender left off. The problem with this is that I would have to be constantly around my computer. It would be lovely to have it go overnight without me waiting for it until I can barely stay awake (somewhere around 5 AM).

I figure that the flushing of the memory comes when it crashes. Sometimes I shut down the computer to give it an extra flush. :upside_down_face:

Maybe I should list what addons I have installed:

FLIP Fluids (necessary for the project)

The only thing I see in there might be BlenderKit, as it runs a constant link back to the server ( Check the console ) and the rest ( ? Blender GIS hmmm doubtful it causes any problems ) so you could try just disabling those 2 for the time being…
also, check all the posts on BA as I have seen many reports on this type of problem since 3.0 came out…
also … You might consider a render farm if you can find one that is within your budget… though since the assignment due date has passed… it’s a bit late for that…

I realized something when I went back to Blender and tried to bake the fluid simulation: I was baking using FLIP Fluids. That is what seems to be crashing Blender. Not sure why the crashes, but I have asked for their help.

I did render just the default cube 250 frames and no problem. I also baked the fluid simulation using only Blender’s fluid simulator and got no errors or crashes. No rendering crashes so far as well, when not using FLIP Fluids.

Blenderkit made me raise the temperatures over 110 degrees to shut down the computer. I removed the add-on and its configurations only after removing its material configurations did normal temperatures re-establish.