Ok, basically we are only disagreeing about the notation. You think -3^2 = 9 and I think it’s -9.

Maybe we should just leave it at that

Pretty much, I’m still right though :wink:

That standard was put in place because there is no even root to a negative number, but if you use that standard on a odd root of a negative number the answer will be the same, but I do not think that it should be a standard as it alters the true values.

The actual square root of 9 is both 3 and -3, which is of course why we call 3 the principle root.

I haven’t studied math in years, these discussions have pretty much brought me back to where I was before.

So now that I am thinking clearly again -x² does = x² :slight_smile:

Sorry to say but I am not here to solve the maths problem , but to learn blender 3D as much as i can. Also if the topic is related to anything with computer than I would be more happy. What I have to do with this problem :slight_smile: hahahahahahahahaha I am not solving it now.

No Offience just I am telling you my view.
Thanks in advanced

Well you didn’t have to browse to the off-topic forum and click on this post now did you? Math is extremely pertinent to computers as they cannot exist without it.

I may have miss interpreted you reply as meaning that you think that this sort of post should not exist on the blender artist forum.

To many possibilities. Does the integer -3 exist without the unary negation operator? If the integer exists the number is -3 otherwise it is the negation of the whole number 3 written as -(3). When looking at -x^2 if the domain is all real numbers then it is read as -(x^2); a unary operation.

ƒ(x) = -x² is the same as ƒ(x) = x² because the two negatives in x² cancel out, if you want the opposite of ƒ(x) = x² then you will need to perform ƒ(x) = -(x)² the same applies for any ƒ(x) = -x^n where n = any even number.

endoplasmic reticulum

Thats a good conversation stopper ;D

lets discuss endoplasmic reticulum stress and its possible side effects ?

or not… :slight_smile:


how about we discuss the impending Alien invasion :smiley:
(Watch…the conversation stops).

Ha, The extra dimensional beings consider themselves better then us, as for the rest, well they did have the time to evolve unlike us, and our fairly young planet, but we are most definitely unique in our individuality :slight_smile:

Since I don’t like maths because I cannot solve the problems of maths. This can be a reason that I don’t like topics like this, but that’s ok I just want to learn Blender and it’s fine. I am not like to hurt you or something like that.

So Proxe if I hurt you , sorry from my side mate. :smiley:

lol, its alright, you didn’t offend me, I was just noting that in the off-topic forum any topic is up for posting, math, computer builds, games, flying purple people eaters, just about anything.

Muhahahahahahahaha , Yeah you are right I got wrong , Sorry for that :slight_smile:

Why is the product of two negative numbers positive?

And some more actual maths questions if you’re in the mood to screw your mind.


Because of the same reason, as “I do not need no air to life” means “I need air to life”

Indeed, not, implies the opposite, same as negative does, so not not going to school today, means, your going to school today. :slight_smile:

Mathematically they cancel out though:

If -x^2 = -x*-x then -x*-x = (-1x)(-1x) = (-1*x)^2 = (-1)^2(x)^2 .

Since -1*-1 = 1 then x^2 = -x^2 (by that I mean (-x)^2 ;)).