<3:20 short> "Een benarde situatie"

I’ve been working on this for quite a while now, and I finally managed to finish it. I made it for school, but I’m sending it in for an animation contest on television too.

It’s in Dutch, because it is based on a Dutch poem, and therefor I will not translate it. If you don’t speak Dutch, it doesn’t really matter, because you can still comment my animation. Except for an incredibly ugly lowpoly alien jump animation I did 6 months ago, this is my first animation ever. So hints and tips would really be appreciated!

You can download it in 2 resolutions. A medium and low quality version (the high quality version still took 50Mb, so I’m not putting that on the net).
Download them here (you might have to “save target as”):

med: http://www.freewebs.com/bentagon/eenbenardesituatie_med.avi (DivX, 480364)
low: http://www.freewebs.com/bentagon/eenbenardesituatie_low.wmv (WMV, 320




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I really want to see this, but I am getting like 1000 bytes/sec transfer rate. I’m not gonna wait 2 hours to see it, sorry. I have a T1 line here at work too.

Any chance of getting this on a faster server?

Your stills look very good.


Ik agree with BgDM. It looks very promising. But 1k/s is not very speedy…

I’ve put them on the server of a friend… hope it’s better now :slight_smile:

med: http://www.m0nkee.co.uk/uploads/eenbenardesituatie_med.avi
low: http://www.m0nkee.co.uk/uploads/eenbenardesituatie_low.wmv

btw, I tried to translate it somewhat decently :stuck_out_tongue:

"When I had pushed my right index finger through my skull, it was to late to realise that from now on, I would have to go through life mutulated, with a hole in my head and an index finger less.

Because in stead of feeling fragile warm brains, my finger had dissappeared into the icecold liquid gas of my thinking.

But the worst was yet to come. Not only did my gray cells strangle themselves on wellformed fingers, but pushed by a strange lust, I couldn’t stop asking my faithfull guests urgently to do the same in my head, as I did with my index finger.

With as consequense, you can already guess, that today I only count enemies between my many fingerless friends."

I like it, I think it really suits the style of the poem. Nice work.

I do have a few remarks. At some point, about two minutes into the movie, fingers are touching a surface. They go through that surface. Isn’t somekind of collision detection script/plugin available?

I don’t know if you want C&C on the sound, but is that your voice? It seems like I hear a harddisk in the background… And because there is background noise, the seperations between soundsamples are very audible.

I don’t know of any script that fixes those collision problems :-?
if there is one, I would really like to have it though :smiley:

yes, it is my voice, but a lower tone (done this with magix music maker). And that might just be my hd, yes… didn’t notice that before. Anyways, I’m not really going to fix it, since I had way too much trouble with putting the sound onto the video (bugs in programs, etc.), and I don’t have much time on my hands next week.

thanks for the C&C! more?

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It is verry nice, but the sound is a bit soft (perhaps it is because I use the lowest quality?)
And I don’t like the eye’s the are whole gray.


I am VERY pleased to see somebody doing stuff like this in blender. I’ve been waiting.

and, it is very well executed. I like the style… modelling simple. but it matches the style. I didn’t care about the fingers perhaps going through the floor sometimes. little things like that doesn’t matter.

camera runs were good too. and the cutting.

makes me want to watch some of those short movies they did from Samuel Beckett’s writings… hmm, where are those tapes again…

my only crits are, that I would’ve liked to see the face to have a bit more expressions… and some of the motion of the fingers looked like snapping…


My Quicktime player would only play the soundtrack Bentagon. Pity. The soundtrack has lots of atmosphere and sounds fab.

I LIKED IT :smiley:

As we would say to our students: Good Busy (translate this into Dutch and you’ll know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue: )
Hopefully my students will be as creative as you! Just starting next month with teaching my first Blender-lessons so I’m hoping for results like this!

Keep up the good work (and get a faster server 8) )

The low quality version is a WMV, so for Windows Media Player only, and the med qulity version is DivX, which Quicktime can’t read eather. Download the latest DivX player on www.divx.com, and watch it :smiley: !

@Douwuhhh: Yes, I’m planning to get a faster server, when I finish my site design. My current one is freewebs, and I think most of us know how fast that is :stuck_out_tongue: . Fortunatly, a friend of mine allowed me to upload these movies onto his webspace.

thank you all for the great comments! :smiley:

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cool! it has some nits, but the idea is good, and I like the hands.
You are speaking with a belgian accent, are you belgian or a southern dutchman? Weird text btw i don’t get it.

Little pet peeve of mine, the intro and credits make up over half the clip! Less of those would be nice.

I don’t speak the language, so I’ll reserve my judgement on the content. Would be nice if at least the eyes had some texture, if only mapping for depth. I understand you were going for pure black and white, but unfortunately Blender has a problem with white when using non-shadless. Always too grey and flat no matter what you do it seems.

You are speaking with a belgian accent, are you belgian or a southern dutchman? Weird text btw i don’t get it.

Belgian :slight_smile:
The text is about him being depressed for a certain period in his life, about feeling empty and useless, and about him hurting friends during that period, because of which he lost them as a friend.

Little pet peeve of mine, the intro and credits make up over half the clip! Less of those would be nice.

I’ve shortened it for the version I sent to that contest I was talking about. It’s 3 min exactly in that version. Btw, I’ve just checked it, and just the actual movie takes 2 min 02 :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally got divx

What an excellent animation Bendagon. Mesmerising!

WOW!! I didn’t understand a word since my dutch is aehm not very good so to say. But the clip transports a certain mood which really got me. GREAT work!


wow…thats um…different. good job!

The audio isn’t so great, I can hear the changes in white noise between the sound clips you pasted together. The animation itself is very good considering the amount of people working on it. I think you were a bit generous in allowing such a wide range of movements for the fingers, that seemed a little abnormal.

Wow, I liked it a lot! :smiley: