3-5 second animation; girl turns her head toward the camera, smiles, and says 'hi'

We are building a 3D walk-around VR device, and have a need for some demonstration materials.
We need a short, 3-5 second animation sequence as follows:

A person stands facing slightly away from the camera. The distance to the person is such that they consume about 2/3 of the frame. The person turns their head toward the camera, pauses, looks at it, smiles, and says “hi”.


  1. the work must be original, you have complete rights to provide it in satisfaction of this agreement

  2. we get a permanent, worldwide, irrevocable right to use it when/where/however we need to. This is exclusive for 12 months, i.e. you won’t use it yourself or sell it or distribute it to anyone, anyhow, anywhere. After 12 months you can use/sell it as well. Our license is perpetual and we may continue to use it as long as we need to.

  3. the person is a girl appearing to be in her 20’s. She must be attractive in a girl-next-door kind of way, but not glamorous. Her clothes reveal her figure which is trim/normal (not heavy, not skinny). Other than informing the viewer that she is not fat/skinny, the clothes are not revealing. There is nothing sexually suggestive about the animation - no excessive cleavage showing or huge breasts etc.

  4. The animation is a minimum of three seconds in length, and no more than 5 seconds.

  5. You do not need to provide audio, but the mouth animation must be reasonably consistent with her saying “hi”

We will embed this within a VR display, and part of that code is still being worked on… so as far as a file format for delivery goes, we’re open, but it needs to be something where each frame can be extracted to get the underlying data in a known way.

We’d like to negotiate a price and do this as a fixed-price engagement. If you can provide relevant work samples, we’ll pay 1/2 up front and the remainder on delivery. If this community has a trusted escrow system, we’d be happy to use that as well.

I’m not sure about email and link rules, so please reply here (any maybe enlighten me), and we can provide our website address so you can get an idea about context.

We hope to build an ongoing relationship.

thanks for reading,
Rick Joyce

Hello I am strongly interest and I can, for sure do the job for you in a resonable few amount of time

my web site www.hassan-yola.blogspot.com I hope to hear from you soon

my email [email protected]

I’m very interested. Please check your private message inbox sir. And on a side note feel free to post your email address and website. I don’t believe that there are any rules against that.

Thanks for the interest and emails/messages so far.

The user of the product (for context, see it at: LucidityVR dot com) will be wearing our Explorer product, connected to a virtual reality headset, and be walking around inside of a 3D environment. They will have already crossed the mental divide, and have bought into the ‘fact’ that they are in the virtual space.

From their point of view, they will really be standing next to this girl, and she will be full-size, perceived as a real person addressing him. Think about yourself in such a situation, and what you should be looking at for the psychological connection to be made.

So for this, we can’t use alien-woman, reptile girl, giant-breasted anime, etc. it needs to look like a real, attractive-but-believable human female… otherwise it breaks the spell. That’s what we’re looking for. We need it within a week. We have a tiny amount of wiggle room on the delivery date, but not much.

We built this device for movie set designers who used it to walk movie sets (yes, big names, but I can’ disclose them, sorry). We are looking at other spatially oriented professions like architects, interior design, etc.

The experience though can be quite profound and so we are considering an entertainment-style application where we provide the content along with the Explorer. We have an AI group working on a platform for interaction, which will have a lot of needs when it comes to content, and better, programmable content. Anyway, point being that if we get this right we will need more content, and continuity would be desirable.

I hope that helps explain the context, and addresses the questions we have received.

If that is enough information, please feel free to email a quote and any further information. I’ll answer the contacts received through this site individually as well.


Rick Joyce
[email protected]

“…it needs to look like a real, attractive-but-believable human female… That’s what we’re looking for. We need it within a week.”

Sounds familiar :slight_smile: Out of interest, what is your budget?

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