3 "Axes"

I just got space at iptic.com (loving it, thanks to acasto) so, now it is much easier to post images. I modelled a BC Rich Warlock Electric Guitar and personalized them for 2 of my friends in a game that I am beta testing called Endless Ages ( www.endlessaages.com ).



just for fun, I thought up a checkered one!

What do you think?

Pretty sweet dude, maybe try rendering them with a global illumination trick?

I have a warlock myself, a deep red one and had thought about modeling it at some point. You did a great job on it, now we just need to hear some Slayer playing in the background. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Thats very nice!
One tip though : try bevelling the edges. My eyes hurt when I see sharp edges in a pic 8)

thanks for the comments! keep em coming! hanibar, yeah, that’s what blengine suggested, it looked NICE after he beveled! :smiley:
Here is another for y’all to see. The textures were all hand made in paint , except for WarGazm’s which I got camoflauge off some site somewhere.

cool, maybe try it in some Slayer matching color? :smiley:

nice job bg! i love the textures