3 bits of abstract explorations

Recently I’ve been experimenting with a less traditional approach to CG artworks… these are just tests, perhaps when I have more time I’ll do something a little more serious

Interesting… although a bit strange :stuck_out_tongue:

Very interesting, this kind on searching shoul be usual, and not a “strange work”… could you tell us about your workflow?

Basically I messed around with sculpting, modifiers and mesh tools until I came up with strange shapes. Then I rendered it with no lamps, AO on multiply 0.2, enviro lighting on a similar value. Then off into the compositor which is where the real magic happens.

This is the one image before going into the compositor. Basically I played with a colour ramp to invert the colour and adjust basic brightness, then a kak load of RGB curves, glare nodes and a colour balance node or two. There was a lot of tweaking involved in all the images so that they weren’t too dark, bright or with an excess/shortage of contrast.

They are all very similar, so like I said, I want to create some real art in the future.

Full Res: