3-button mouse!!!!

Today i bought a shiny new THREE BUTTON MOUSE! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

No more alt-LMB for me.


Hehe, i’ve been alt-lmb for so long it would probably stuff me up trying to get used to the middle button. Funny thing is i’ve had a 3 button mouse as long as iv had this computer, the middle button just never worked!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

I love my three-button mouse, but I still use alt/ctl/etc with the normal buttons because it’s so hard to get used to it.


just scroll down the pages on your browser with the middle button(if it’s a “wheel” like mine)and you will get use to it. :smiley:

You’re just not getting a three-button mouse? I’ve got a five-button wheel wireless optical mouse! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun with it.


damn, i only have a crappy microsoft 3btn mouse that squeaks, cause the case is broken… :stuck_out_tongue:

bwahaha, well im getting a 5 button 2 wheel optical mouse :< :smiley:

They make mice with two wheels now?


(Preempting smartasses: please don’t reply talking about the wheels that track the mouseball… counting those would mean a mouse has at least 3 wheels)

Why would anyone need five buttons? Most things can be done by right cllicking and left clicking, with the occaisional middle click. What do the other two buttons do?

bbwwwwwahahahahaaaa!!! LOL he he he! now that’s hilarious…he he! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

ps: he he…you guys don’t take anything serious! LOL :wink: :smiley:

bbwwwwwahahahahaaaa!!! LOL he he he! now that’s hilarious…he he! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

ps: he he…you guys don’t get anything serious! LOL :wink: :D[/quote]


5 button is usefull, but maybe not for blender. i make the 2 extra buttons as enter and escape, that way i can browse and surf a lot faster. and no, the 2 wheels arent for the ball. it actually has 2 scroll wheels. its real usefull for he net as well, cos you can go right to left, and up and down, or zoom in and out, and up and down, whatever combo you want.

It’s a Wireless MS Intellimouse Explorer Optical (Perhaps a different order of words, but that’s all of 'em).

The only default I’m aware of for the two extra buttons is in MS Internet Explorer (I know there are others), they act as “Forward” and “Back”. It’s VERY convenient. Just think of how many times you mouse over and click the back button when browsing. Beyond that, I use the mouse control panel to set them for keystroke hotkeys in games, also, often very useful.


i just plug BLENDER into my brain!!!

it works great coz i just imagine the model then its there. and textureing is much easier too.

but te problem comes when you wake up and realise you have RSI from sttpid cheap mice!!!

but one doesnt need a mouse when one has a USB port in their ear…

i usually shove my mouse cable up my ass. seems to work fine! :stuck_out_tongue: