3 Character Rigs

Just a few characters I made recently. Contains sliders for the face, IK/FK controls, layers, foot roll and finger clenches. Just make sure your Armature is always named Porl_Rig, Ed_Rig or Elaine_Rig depending on who the character is. Enjoy.

Download at:


Lovely characters! I’ll say something more after being done playing with them for some time!

Hey very cool rigs!! Just been playing with them. Im finding the facial rig isnt working? Any ideas? When i scrub through them nothing changes. I also made sure the armatures were named correctly…

nice work & good luck! :3

Which version of blender are you using? Might have something to do with it, these were made in 2.57.

Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Very fun to play with.
Nice work!

muy buen trabajo me gustaron los personajes, y me han servido mucho para aprender a hacer Rig, gracias por el aporte