3 CPU's Xenon at 150€

What do you think guys? good offer isn’t it? do you want to know how to get this price for 3 xenon processors? check this:


The Xbox 360 !!! has been hacked, and now we can put Linux on it, check:


Not so bad isn’t it? imagine how is to render an imagen with these 3 cores… and for 150 € it is a very good deal to make a cluster or something.

if it breaks you wont get your money back and no one will repair it beouces you tamperd with it!

Do not hope taking it and putting it in your PC : It is a Xenon CPU, not a Xeon !

^^and an unusuable amount of memory (at least for graphics work)

this is blender news?

Blender is running on Linux also, with this hack you can use Blender on xbox 360, also CPU is 3 cores in pararell so it’s a big amount of process power, don’t understimate this power.

Not enough RAM for blender usage.

Also my Q6600 would run circles around that CPU, as would the dirt cheap A|MD phenom X4’s

Don’t underestimate MSFT’s and Sonys marketing department who hyped these machines as being able to do anything more than run hyper-optimized realtime graphics and small apps.

I must say, I’m kind of agree with them, but still, could you run some blender benchmark (http://www.blendernation.com/blender-render-benchmark/) on it and post the result back in this thread ?

Still interesting to try though, at least everybody will know for sure :slight_smile:

The Xbox 360 wasn’t designed for it though. Like I said in another thread about Blender on Xbox, you’ll hit memory issues long before you reach the limits of what the processor can do, since it has such a small amount of memory and it’s shared between the CPU and GPU. And like someone said, this is a Xenon, not Xeon - way different.

How is this even news?

The xbox was hacked (and fixed by MS) a couple years ago, ubuntu 7.04 = april 2007 release date.

1: its powerpc(ppc) based architecture, essentially same as the one (non-SPU) core in the cell(yeah all the major consoles use IBM cpu’s).

2: you would have to specifically compile blender for the ppc(might need some code hacking - not sure)

3: pointlessly unpractical, really. :confused: