3-D Animation Workshop

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Here’s a link to a resource I found valuable. I hope someone else can find it useful.

3-D Animation Workshop


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No problem Paradox. Those lessons are nearly the equivalent of a free book online.

By the way, an actual book I purchased and recommend is The Art of 3-D : Computer Animation and Imaging, 2nd Edition by Isaac Victor Kerlow.

Excellent Resource in my opinion. Sometimes a book like this can help you learn more than an app specific book. I haven’t posted new work in a while. I want to learn technique vs a specific tool, that way I can become good at modeling, texturing and eventually animating.

Visit the link for more info.

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Thanks, those lessons are really good, it definitely will be useful for me.

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No Problem. It helps to have a good set of resources in the 3D world. I cannot beleive the learning curve in 3D.