3-D Eye Tutorial

I spent all of yesterday making a detailed tutorial for making some rather nice eyes in blender… and being its my first tut any ANYTHING… id like everyones opinion on it here before i started having it posted in the main blander pages and other CG rendering websites.


ANY comment and idea will be appreciated… including layout… needed info or bad grammar.

and any questions that you can think of that might arise… it will alow me to add a FAQ possibly.

23 hours in and theres been over 170 downloads of the tutorial… its doing better then i expected…


nobodys has given a single opinion on it here or at dev art…
PLEASE… opinions are needed on it so any improvements can be made… thoughts… likes… dislikes so that if ans when i make another tutorial it can be better then this one.

Nice tute!

Download is S-L-O-W! Speed is 5 kb/s on 1.5M DSL! Upload it somewhere else.

Hate to say this, but the end result isn’t that great. I couldn’t see anyone above intro or novice level learning anything from it.

It’s good that you’re trying though, because you probably learn more writing a tutorial than you would going through one, and it has the added plus of giving something back.

i got thrashed hard at the news section of the forums here… all by vets of course… far be it from me posting that im a noob having any obvious appearance in the thought…

its a basic tutorial… and as for the end result… i put lil time into the fine details… and thats an EXTREME close up of my lizard head that was done in modors tut in thie forum section… for zoomed out images like that… that eye is FAR more then sufficient.

If it was an “advanced” tutorial… id have put “advanced” in the name… but no… its just a basic tut that teaches people a quick… and easy way to get a decent looking weye done for thier projects when they are just learning the program… any of you high end vets can use your past experience and common sence to create such simple things with your eyes closed.

You vents want a tut you can learn something from… look for modeling and animating the turbine engie of a 747 from start to finish… something… complex lol.

Will you please grow a pair? You did not get trashed in the news&chat forum, you just overreacted to what people said.

This is (for the most part) an artistic forum, people respond with C&C (Comments and Criticism) as a matter of course to anything - art and tutes alike. Being able to not only take constructive criticism on the chin, but to be able to act upon it, is one of the virtues of a great artist. I believe shbaz made that point in the N&C thread

As you’ve deleted the tute I can’t comment on it myself, so I’ll just try to clarify other’s comments and say why they weren’t “Absolute hatred” or “Saying it’s total shit” as you put it.

First up, the 100x100 sphere. True, a subsurfed sphere has the same effect at rendertime, but it is much easier to handle at modelling time. The 9902 verts that result from a 100x100 sphere are just unwieldy in the 3d view. Besides, a default 32x32 sphere with Set Smooth turned on is more than sufficient for most purposes.

That was pretty much the only thing that had been mentioned, and you post your journal entry that nuance9 noticed. I don’t know why you got so upset about that, if you don’t want people prying through your innermost thoughts, then don’t post them on the internet with a link in your signature %|

Hmm, nico’s “You can’t make a beginner tute while your a beginner” comment… Maybe an analogy would be best here.
Say you were learning how to drive a car. You’d want to learn, from the start, how to do it right, so as not to get into any bad habits. Only someone well experienced in driving cars would know some of these habits to avoid, and some of the ones to get into, simply because of how long they’d been driving. Someone who’d only just started driving a week ago would be in the dark about such things. But if a beginner tried to teach you how to drive a car, sonce they didn’t know to avoid these bad habits, you’d learn from these bad habits and do them yourself.
The same applies to 3-D modelling. There are habits to avoid (eg highpoly when it’s unneccesary, AO where it’s unneeded, reliance on blender’s dodgy booleans) and ones to learn (eg edgeloop modelling, how to use subsurf well) that another beginner wouldn’t know yet.

Noone said “take this tute down, burn it, delete it, go hide in a hole, never come back here again” they said “this that and the other are problems, try fixing them”

Incidentally, reading through your journal life seems to be going not well for you at the moment. That or you have depression (a “depressive illness” is the medical term - it’s considered an illness not a stupidity problem) and should see a doctor about it. If you’re Australian then this might help. (Even if you’re not Aussie it still could help quite a bit too, and chances are wherever you’re from has something similar)

BTW: your “parting of the sea” image is awesome, I hope you don’t mind be using it as my desktop wallpaper :wink: I can’t wait for you to get good enough at blender to do stuff like that, you’re clearly a good artist.

Holy shit…

I didn’t realize how much it meant to you, after reading your journal I feel terrible. I’ve been there before, and I’d probably feel the same way in such a state.

We try to be helpful, the problem is that helpful seems condescending in situations like this.


Ok… first of… one made a comment that i was not to upload the tuts in ANY of the 3d websites and forums… and several others have commented that keeping such a bad tut listed would only make learning harder because it teaches bad habits from the start… both in combination basically means “get rid f the tutorial before you do more damage”
AND i understand that completly… and have done so without any second throughts NOR any regrets.

AS for me over reacting… true critisizm… yes… but as i stated in the N&C forum… what i specificlly asked for was opinions… AND ways to make it better… and to help further things for any chance of a future tut. I got the slander… but nobody offered thier advice in how to IMPROVE it.

As for my over reacting… i am emotional and can be caught off guard… i put alot of heart into that tutorial… it was something i was extremly proud of… i expected some dislikes but i also expected some good opinions of it to.

A lil over a month ago… i was given permission by one of the more well known furry artists… Loup Garou… to cg one of his pix in photoshop… and i had spent countless days pouring my heart and all my skills into the image… i gave him a preview screenshot to get his thoughts on my progress… and he flat out told me he hates all form of CG artwork because it allows any noob to make fancy pictures without any reall tallent or ever picking up a pencil… and hes ignored me ever scince… ive scince then left working in photoshop… and found blender and moved to it. I can only guess i get too atatched to my work when i put alot of effort in it nly to be told its no good by everyone.

yes… i over reacted… i do appologize.

You’re not going to do well to “give up” on photoshop… high quality 3d art is heavily dependant on good (non-procedural) textures. Your 2d painting/modding skills will come in handy.

Plus, anyone who says, " it allows any noob to make fancy pictures without any real tallent or ever picking up a pencil," about CG is just full of shit and probably never tried it. I’ve seen lots of newbs try to make fancy pictures, and, well… yeah. Sometimes you can create something that looks good, but it is usually something that seasoned 3d artists realize is not that challenging. I think the guy is just trying to glorify what he does by putting down another method (kind of like the 3DS Max users that blindly call Blender a piece of trash).

Ill still use photoshop for texture creation and such… but its no longer my primary medium for doing my artwork.
Ive moved to blender. :stuck_out_tongue:

and id post the accused unfinished pic and the responding email… but its a bit off topic here… and has ntohing to do with blender.