3-d flicker animating--anyone tried this?

Hey, all–

In the late 80s, there was (briefly) a Saturday morning cartoon–I think it was a Mario Bros. permutation. They trumpeted actual 3-D cartoons without needing glasses, and they were right–there weren’t the standard jump-out-atcha stunts, but the perceived depth of field was absolutely eerie.

I asked my dad (who knows everything) how they did this, and he posited that it was by alternating “eye” views every other frame, which makes sense: if your brain can perceive 6-12 fps as animated movement, why couldn’t it assimilate alternating 15fps views as one 3-D view?

Has anyone tried this or something like it? Would every other frame be the next step in the action, or the alternate view of the frame before it? Anyone know any links covering this? (My searches for 3-D, flicker, and even “gestalt” turned up too much unrelated info.)

I’ll be trying this myself, but I’m still learning the software now.


Maybe this is the technique you’re after:

Some .gif examples here: