3 eyed BlenderHeads !!

we have 2 3 eyed blender heads , why do they have 3 eyes ? :frowning:



can you find another blenderhead with three eyes ? :smiley: , those were the only 2 i found

Kbot found another 4 , even if you PMed him , he will not tell you this big secret , LOL …

Haha, this looks like a fun thread.


I can’t tell you, it’s a secret.:slight_smile: What’s the point of having a secret, if everybody knows. Ha, ha, ha.

I think ManDingo put the third eye in his avatar for conspiracy reasons, everything he posts is a conspiracy:eek:

I think the third eye represents something.


The third eye is supposed to be a mystical thing dealing with stuff like that. There is actually something called the Pineal gland that is in that location, maybe those meditating gurus are able to activate it or something:confused:

WHOA!!! CD, I’m impressed…:yes:

You actually managed to spell Pineal Gland correctly, have you been practicing when our backs where turned…:evilgrin::evilgrin:

I have a pineal gland, it’s in my pants.

I also have a one eyed monster, wanna see him?


A fantastic way to spend your 2,000th post.

When I first heard about it (bathroom reader I think), I didn’t think it’s that hard to spell correctly.

I have a pineal gland, it’s in my pants

Maybe you have a condition that causes it to fall into your pants:yes:

And CD didn’t get the joke.
Or maybe he did?