3 Film Scenes

[I’m making this feature, by myself. My modeling and texturing isn’t half as solid as a lot of yours, but I’m trying to get to an acceptable level of believability…I think some moments find it. A lot of study with AE compositing in general. Just wanted a little feedback on how it appears to a first viewer (after way to many myself!:slight_smile:


That’s the kind of funny I like. Really silly. It made me laugh, even the part without voice.

Don’t try to go toward more photorealism. The obvious artificial aspect of the scenery has a style which fits with your style. (YouTube told me that you’re already a kind of performer… That’s an understatement.) I found the whole really enjoyable and I’m ready to see more. I want to see more!

Don’t listen to the nay-sayers, go on, finish your movie! You can count on me to be here to watch it. :smiley:

Thanks, Kaluura, I appreciate the encouragement.

I think you made a great job. Which tutorials did you follow to make this? Great work on mouth animation as well. It almost looks as if a real scene was “cartooned” :slight_smile:

Thanks. I followed so many tutorials I couldn’t possibly remember them all, really.

Absolutely fantastic work … it shows “boundless creativity” and a thoroughly original concept, well-executed.

The first piece has the feel of a modern-dance troupe, with a curiously minimal set. (I like the fact that he’s in Berlin, wearing a Brooklyn T-shirt.) The connection between the first scene and the second isn’t immediately obvious, but after the drunk does a performance that has been very creatively choreographed and shot, our “American in Berlin” comes back to really link the two together.

You know, it’s extremely difficult to achieve the absurd. But you definitely did that, especially in the third piece. Now, personally, I wouldn’t re-use the same dancer moves that we’ve already seen once before; we do recognize them. And I think that once you’ve solidly made the absurd joke (anything having to do with a sappy Christmas carol sung on black-and-white television is great), I personally would be going for the exit just a little bit sooner. Unless you want to bring back some more of the absurd joke from the mid-point. That had me absolutely ROTFLMAO.

Anyhow: you’re definitely “on to something big here.” Congrats to the cast, and to the production folks.

Hey, Sundialvc4, thank you a lot for that! :slight_smile: I think you are right about the christmas scene, getting to the ending faster and using more funny subtitles. But thank you so much for the encouragement.