(3) flower studies / blend file added

pretty fun to make actually, and only about 45min of work
i think i will try a few more and post them in this thread

looks very good, especially for 45 minutes of work. It would be good to see a slightly larger version where the stem is more visible.

Nice job!

wow! :o
very nice, but I think its a little too dark.
It dosent look like a WIP. did you use yafray?

Trebor- good eye, thats what i wanted to improve, the lighting at the bottom, here is the new shot, bigger with better light, thanks

tris2004- thanks, no yafray used, not really a wip, but i didnt want to fill up the finished works, because i want to make lots more of these, and post in one thread, so i thought wip would be the best spot.

this will proably be the last of this flower, i have another one i’m working on, will post soon, thanks.


another flower
the same model, just modified, and new texture
very fun to make

I really like it. I can’t say if I like it more than the first or not becuse they’re quite different (scenically) even though you used the same model. I was wondering, are you modeling from real flowers? It would be neat if you did a flower which had distinctive texturing on the leaves so you could use some displacement mapping to add some depth to the petals.

nice… but they need more translucensy. right now thay look like paper flowers.

Trebor- thanks again, yes these are actual flowers, just some photos i found on the internet, i dont know anything about displacement mapping but i have included the 1st flower below, if you would like to give it a shot, i would really like to see what you mean, and learn from it

@ner- thanks, i tried to add better translucency but it didnt look right, i have included the .blend file below if you could take a look and post the results, i would like to learn what you mean, thanks

First Flower Blend File

Hello. Sadly I am not an expert (or even close to being one!) on any of this stuff. Thanks for posting the .blend though, even if I can’t improve on it, it could help me with my modeling :D. I did do a little bit of fooling with textures and cooked this one up:


I did it quickly and using only plugin textures. Unfortunetely, I’m not very good with texturing. I found that the Displacement mapping was not doing what I wanted so I just used Normal Mapping instead. I’m sorry it’s not a very good example but anyway. Also, I added a little bit of transparency, I think I might have gone overboard though. Good luck with the model and hopefully you can do better than I did!!!

Trebor- good shot, i can see what you mean, i tried a little more tranlucent in this last one too, glad the file helped, it is a very basic model, but like i said only 45min :smiley:

so here is the last flower study, again same model, just modified, and changed texture.