3 games added to BlenderGames Archive

I have added 3 new games to the blender games archive, some of which you may remember. The one on the top is a brand new game as well, its a pretty fun 2 - player game. Enjoy!

The BlenderGames Archive

maybe you mean http://www.angelfire.com/ego/spinhead/blendergames/
Nope, I dunno how to make links either.

cool games :wink:

Cool games, i downloading them now.

Also to do links like this don’t put quotes after url=, just do url=http://www.whatever.com


Hehe, I knew that. I’ve done links before, I just forgot to preview this time :slight_smile:

Hey, all. Would anyone happen to have a copy of “Marble Mania”? It’s a marble madness spoof made by a friend of mine… It went down with blender.nl’s website. Just wondering.


One of the games I dont still have around :frowning: