3 gimp-perl scene transitions

(Hos) #1

Here are 3 scripts for some scene
transitions that I’ve been working on
and example movies:





(macke) #2

Now to just have these as plugins for blender ;oP

Thanks a bunch though, that blur thingie will come quite in handy in my next film. Thanks!

(wiensta) #3

how do i use em?? and with what?

sorry for sounding ignorant.


(Hos) #4

No prob – glad you liked them!

You aren’t being ignorant. These scripts are written in perl and they use a
graphics program called ‘The GIMP’. So to use them you must at have perl
installed, gimp installed, and the Gimp perl module. I am not sure how
easy this is to set up on windows, as I am running this stuff under linux.

If you have the components installed, here is an example usage for a scene
transition (assuming that you have given the script executable permission):

Lets say you want to blur scene A’s frames into scene B’s frames.
Suppose scene A’s frames are called A1.jpg … A500.jpg and
scene B’s frames are called B0031.tga … out0530.tga and you want to
write them out to the frames out000047.tga … out000546.tga.
You would specify this with (using C-style printf notation,see
http://www.zend.com/manual/function.sprintf.php for
reference, examples):

TransBlur.pl A%d.jpg 1 B%04d 31 out%06d 47 500

where 1 is the startframe of scene A, 31 is the start frame of scene B,
47 is the start frame of the output frames, and 500 is the number of
frames you want to use in the transition.

I realize that this may not be the most user friendly way to do things,
but it works well for my uses.


(wiensta) #5

i see, thanks.

(theeth) #6

Cool! I especially like the Cubism transition

How hard would it be to translate them to work with the Sequence editor plugin API?


(Hos) #7

I don’t know the specifics, but I have been told on good authority that it would be very
difficult to do and performance would suffer.


(macke) #8

On another side note then, have you looked at the AVID compositing software? I dunno if the SDK is freely avilible, but I promise you dearly that several people would enjoy that in the AVID community.

If you don’t mind, I would like to have a look at the .pl sources, as of yet, I’ve simply just tried the scripts, not looked through them. Would you mind?

Thanks yet again, especially for the blur thingie, wonderful!

(Hos) #9

Yes, by all means – that’s why I released the source. Feel free to modify
them to suit your needs and improve them – MONKEY UP! :wink:


(eeshlo) #10

I don’t know the specifics, but I have been told on good authority that it would be very
difficult to do and performance would suffer.


I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be doable with a sequence plugin, it is a lot more work however, since every function like the noise/blur you now call from GIMP (probably) and whatnot need to be coded by hand, but that should not be to difficult, since the GIMP functions are available as source code, or can be replaced with any equivalent code…

(Hos) #11

OK – I must plead ignorance as I have never looked at the Sequence API,
and the GIMP (PDB) calls I make are very high level, so I don’t know the
algorithms involved.

One thing you have to watch out for is the license for the GIMP stuff.
GIMP is GPL so it might be that anything that links to a plugin using
GIMP source code at runtime (such as blender itself) may be required
to be GPL (it has a very ‘viral’ license). A bit of research on the license
should take place before any coding is done.